Friday, September 7, 2012

Damn my pictures suck this week.

Plus I forgot to upload my bird pics so I'm gonna have to recycle an old one for the weeks token bird shot. I had a few good rides this week but the two mountain bikes rides I decided to get my Strava ( ) on and couldn't even be bother to take any pics. Did I.D. a snake at night while I was going about 15mph though. It was a Long-nosed Snake out at Starr Pass. Thought it would be nice to see how the training has been paying off on the bike speed wise and then after two "fast" rides realized going fast ain't really my style. Was happy with my times but its not like the rides were all that enjoyable. I'll leave the fast riding up to others. I'll stick to riding all day at my pace and stopping to take pictures of stuff. Did have a commuting buddy for a few days this week which was fun and it also opened my eyes to the fact that cars don't even care if you are pulling a bay trailer around, they just ain't goona give you your 3ft let alone 3 inches sometimes. Best ride of the week had to have been Golden Gate. I love that trail. Hardly anyone rides it or realizes what a gem there is just beyond the Yetman trail. It was extra fun this week since the rains having everything growing wild and a few of the features on that trail are a little hidden. Keeps you on your toes. Now onto the few craptastic pics from this week.

First up is Ricky Bobby lovin life in the trailer.

Next up are a few from Starr Pass after the ride. Canon S100 isn't the greatest at long exsposure. 

Favorite spot at the Sweetwater Trail. Great place to watch the 4th of July shows as well. 

Bike Church

Token bird shot.

And since the pics suck this week here is some Rap that doesn't



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  1. I love Golden Gate! Can't wait to ride it again...should be down there late Feb\early March with a buddy. (Ben from MN)