Friday, March 15, 2013

Broken Bike Week.

So yeah the Niner is officially broke. Its dead. I killed another bike. Not really upset, shit it happens. I know I am rough on the poor things and all they can do to retaliate is brake. It kinda screwed up my bikepacking plans a bit and so now I am gonna have to man up and do it on my rigid singlespeed. Guess you can always expect luxury when you are bikepacking. It means the bike will be lighter though and that will give me more room for beer so maybe it was a good thing.
Spring is finally in the air, flowers are starting to bloom, but my riding miles are still down from what they should be at. It has given a a milli second though to start busting out the macro lens and get some flower porn going on. Not to much great stuff yet but It should be a long season. Now onto the pics. Then as I am typing this I just remember I have a bunch of hiking pics with Kimmeh that I totall forgot to edit. Guess the pics will be slim pickins this week.

A few from the AZSF ride on Wednesday. 

A couple flower ones.

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