Sunday, March 2, 2014

Early Spring Birding

Got up early rhis morning hoping to drive up Mt Lemmon and get some sunrise shots. Sheriff had the highway closed do to clouds? Didn't know clouds was a weather condition. Threw a wrench in my plans so I had to scramble for a close place to try and get the sunrise. Ended up sucking since I couldn't find a place close enough to get up high. Ended up getting some birding in though and that payed off pretty well. After hitting Agua Caliente and adding 3 new species to my year list I headed home and still had the bird bug spent a few hours in the yard hunting hummingbirds. Couldn't have asked for a nice day.

First two are from the failed sunrise photo shoot. 

Some nice lighting at the park though
 New life bird for me. Norther Beardless-Tyrannulet

Some hummingbird action in my yard. 

And some jet action over the house.