Friday, September 21, 2012

Tons of Pics. Little words.

Finally got to ride Flagstaff this year woohoo!. Its been way to long so when the shuttle monkeys offered up a ride to Flag I jumped on it. Also had some great rides with the wife and with myself so can't complain.  Onto the tons of pics.

First up out enjoying the day with old nag. Getting her ready for her first solo race in a few weeks.

She's got her climbing face on. Also the same face she uses for poo'ing. 

Some nice little descending thru the alien trees. 

Kimmeh was actually madder then this guy was that I touched him.

This monsoon season has been great for the wild flowers. 

Hoping the shuttle to Flag. Don't think they Jet9 fit in to well with these beasts.

I think the devil was involved with getting me to Flag. 

The horsemen. 

The many views of the Hump. 

Toll collector. 

Enter here to meet with the Jedi young Padawan. 

With the Hump again. 

No one died Happy Ending. 

A few garden shots to top things off.

Northern Cardinal snacking.

This guy was not very good at cooperating.

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