Friday, November 16, 2012

Back on the Steed

After 3 weeks of no riding I have finally been able to squeeze a few rides in. Should and ribs are still a little sore but oh well its not gonna kill me. First up was a nice short ride with some friends out at 50yr trail with a brutal wind and an stunning sunset. Second was CDO! Finally had a good clean run down CDO trail this past weekend. Started the ride in a tiny bit of snow and ended with some cold refreshments. I think I am addicted to CDO trail. I feel like everyone in Tucson needs to ride it and every week a thought crosses my mind how I can get in another ride up there. Its just so unique for Tucson to be able to have a nice XC style trail on Lemmon, a ride that's in actual tress for more then a minute, and one that has water along the route. Again everyone must do this ride and if anyone wants to set up a shuttle I will throw in my tour guide skills in for the cost of the car ride up.

Heading out 50yr

Sun doing its thing 


Next up CDSNOW

Was a little chilly when we got to the top

First Tracks

Its not often us desert dwellers see the white stuff so lots of photo opts 

Think there is an arrow direction missing 

Needles that dont come from cactus, sign me up. 

Stephan in the grass. 

Duncan always overindulging 


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