Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Maiden Bikepacking Adventure Day1

I have been saying for the past 3 years that I wanted to start bikepacking and yet never  pulled the trigger on it. I was always worried I was to outta shape to ride a loaded bike for any number of miles and live to tell about it. This year I finally got my shit together got in way better riding shape, purchased my BPing bags, and did it. My buddy Joe had also been wanted to try his hand at the whole BPing thing so we decided that we would go on our maiden voyages together and made a packed that if one or the other didn't make it out alive the other would have to raise his pack at home. I drew us up what appeared to be a nice 45 mile two day adventure Joe looked it over and approved so it was decided. Saturday mid-day we embarked. The plan was to ride over the Santa Ritas on Box Canyon from the west over to the east and camp near Kentucky camp.

The ride started out great. All the gear seemed like it was packed great and the nice jeeps roads where easy enough to get use to have a loaded bike.

We had 25 miles to kill which gave me time to take some vanity shots. 

Joe scoping out the climb ahead. Plan was to have a mellow day the first day on the bike. 

Views were great. Bikes where working out well. Day was was going very good. 

The road thru Box Canyon is a very pretty. The whole area really is. 

After we made it over and thru Box Canyon we hit the rolling hills near Kentucky Camp where we spotted a Gator. It did attack when I got close and I think Joe has a picture of it before he had to pry it off my back right before it dug its jaws into me.   http://www.reptilesofaz.org/Lizards-Subpages/h-e-kingii.html

The sun was out the fields were full of flowers and we were having a great day on our bikes. 

After we made it to Kentucky Camp and chatted up a few hippies we headed out on the first singletrack of the day in search of a good spot to call home for the night. 

We spun around for a bit looking for the perfect spot. 

And then we found it. There was nothing about this place that didn't appeal to us right away. We knew as soon as we seen it we were home. Found a great creaky old awing to camp under and it it had a carport for the bikes. The only thing that worried us was the herd or turkeys that was passing thru. They had decided to roost in a near by tree I think to ponder eating us in the middle of the night. 

We got over our fears though of death buy turkey and took one token shot of the bikes before we unloaded them for the night. 

Day 1 was a success and the only was to celebrate was to eat my 3lb Chipotle Burrito next to a warm campfire capped with a half cherry pie from Circle K for dessert. Joe didn't appreciate the burrito throughout the night but it filled me up and kept my sleeping bag extra warm all night. My eyes did burn a little in the morning but thats probably a coincidence.
There is no way tomorrow can't be even more amazing.

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