Thursday, August 30, 2012

Two weeks past. Two many pics.

Damn been two weeks since I posted any pics now I have to many and its hard to thin them out. Work computer got stolen and it had all my weeks edited pics on it and I didn't have time till now to re-edit them. So now there is a pic exlposion this week. There are probably 5 rides worth of pictures to go thru, 1 all day birding adventure, and a new yard bird. Rides were amazing and had some great new company to ride with this past week that was great. Numerous rides up on Lemmon to escape the heat and a AZT ride on a day we had a slight reprieve from the heat. Birding out was awesome as well. Kimmeh and I went down to Ash B&B to try and see a rare hummingbird. Ended up getting some grat looks at it plus 8 other species of hummingbirds it was hummingbird overload. CJ's place north of Tucson is better though but it was cool to check a different place out. Also had a few new life birds mainly a Black Hawk so all in all it was a great day birding with Kimmeh. 49 species of bird had on the day. Not bad for someone that has to look in the book for every bird. Now on to the pics which is all that matter anyway.

Tons of commuting miles this week. Best graffiti spotted. 

Next up AZT

Duncan showing us the way. 

Clouds weren't great for the lighting for shots but great cloud colors were had. 

It took some work and a few miles but we finally made our way outta the cloud cover. Beautiful skies and amazing riding was had. 

And then finally 30 miles later a treasure chest of goods were found and no one held back. 

Now onto a few Lemmon Rides. 

J-Bake taken it way more serious then the log is. 

And again on some rocks. 

This German dude seem to always have to be in all my shots. 

He was unstoppable. 

My favorite place on Mt. Lemmon. 

Not to bore anyone to much only a few bird shots. 
Grasshopper Sparrow. 

Rufous Hummingbird. Guarding near by feeders. 

XXX Rattlesnake


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Few good Hip-Hop videos to share.

Some are not that new but I am still diggin them right now. Pretty much all over the map with these.

Cause you always need rap songs about cars.

Well because its P.E.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Great Week of Riding. Pt.1

I have had roughly 100 miles on the bike since last Friday and I am feeling better then ever. Down 40lbs in about 2.5 months and that is resulting in some stellar rides. Who knew getting rid of an entire bikes worth of weight would make you feel some much better on the bike. All that leads to tons of pictures which is probably why anyone would wonder over to my blog anyway so here they are.

First up some Lemmon Pie riding with Duncan and his amazing bike made of glass.

Think its some voodoo necklace Duncan brought to keep his bike from breaking.

He wasn't impressed that we had just climbed up Ski Valley Rd.

Free Trails snacks for everyone.

Reward for a climb well done.

Attempt at trying to get a shot while moving the camera to keep pace. Failed but looks kinda cool.

A Great Week of Riding. Pt.2

Next up are two great evening rides out at Starr Pass. One was for the Techy Tuesday Taco ride and the second is from the Wednesday Night Ostentatious ride. Both nights we were treated to amazing lightning storms, spectacular clouds, and much need cooler temps. Now hopefully that trend continues.

The amazing sunsets were pretty much endless this week.

My favorite

Earning tacos. J.B was my bearded muse on this ride.

The only lightning strike I captured this week and it barely made it into the frame.

Big city lights.

Cat on her new bike. Faster then the speed of light.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Pic test.

Trying to find best layout for uploading pics here.

Starting a new blog.

Alright gonna give this thing a try so I have one place to post all my pictures. Gets a little tiresome posting them all in a bunch of different places. Will post up a few Marco shots to kick things of from this week. All taken in the garden in my yard.