Friday, September 14, 2012

Winter is almost here.

Its time to start heading out and getting even more miles on the bike. This week has been pretty good. I have gotten two nice long rides in from town to TMP and have a few good rides planned for this weekend. I can't get enough of this cool down that is starting. Geez haven't even had the a/c on in a week now. That's money in the bank that I can spend on bike stuff. Not a ton of pictures this week have been in some kinda picture funk these last couple weeks. Missed getting my camera out in time for the biggest Bobcat I have even seen and had to settle for a rambunctious Desert Tortoise instead.  Again though just a great week to be out on the bike or just out side period. Now onto the pictures.

Staged photo but he didn't seem to care much. 

Tons of great wild flowers out. Some I don't recall seeing before. Still haven't even looked this one up. 

Taking Joe on a Death March

This guys are very dangerous. Approach from behind. 

I took like 20 pics of this grass and could not capture how cool it looked as the sun set. 

Tons of this this week. Commuting has been great. 

These guys just murdered themselves some prickly pear fruit. 

Remember to always listen to RAP it makes you a better person. 


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  1. One man's death march is another's stroll in the (Tucson Mountain) park. You were fine, thx for the good ride