Friday, March 8, 2013

1000miles Down

I hit my first 1000 miles on the bike of 2013 this week. Pretty nice hitting it this early in the year. Hopefully next year I can hit it before March even starts. Now how fast can I get the next 1000. Should be getting a nunch more riding in in the next few weeks and even a bikepacking trip. Hopefully it is timed perfectly for the wildflower season. Not a ton of pictures since I guess I have been riding to much to take the time to snap many. Some good rides this past week though with Mrs. Kimmeh and a few other good friends. Kimmeh also did her first big girl ride to Starr Pass from the house. She did awesome and I am super proud! Now onto some pics.

Heading out to Starr Pass together.

 Kimmeh amongst the desert trees.
Next up a few from 50yr with Santa and Willly Wonka. I swear they are both real people.

and of course token bird shot.