Friday, July 12, 2013

Bikes, Views, Beers, & Birds

Great week of riding and hiking. Sunday was the big day with a 30 mile ride 7000ft climbing day. spent 6.5hrs on the bike working my way around the upper reaches of Mt Lemmon. It was a crazy long day but it was awesome to push myself to ride the whole planned route. Got rained on 3 times that days and spent I nice 20 minute break in Summerhaven birding with a father and son team that were visiting from outta town. The day was filled with tons of climbing each providing though awesome views off of Lemmon. A few pictures below.

Just getting the day started. Views from Sunset trail. 

Next up was one of my favorite spots with awesome views to the north. Oracle Ridge trail. Part of the Arizona Trail. 

Guess I wasn't "alone" out in the wilderness. 
 Eventually got to make my way all the way over to those towers. It would be the last push of the dya when I got over there. wanted to throw in the towel and take the short cut back to the car but kept telling myself I had already climbed so much and that if I quit then I would earn that Mexican CocaCola I had in the cooler.

View of Tucson from the highest point of the day. Had been raining on me just 15 minutes earlier. 

My legs say I earned that cold brew. 

Also had a fun day hiking with Kimmeh!!!. We went out so I could do a little bird photo shoot. Its always nice spending the day out on the trail with her.

Black Throated Sparrow. Was one of my main goals of the day was to get a few shots of them.

 Black Throated Sparrow

Cactus Wren

Varied Bunting. Biggest surprise of the day. 

And then a few random biking pics.