Thursday, September 27, 2012

CDO its all you need.

I finally have come to the conclusion that the CDO trail hates me. After two 11+ hr outings on it finding our way, doing trail work, and being lost the Forest Service finally opened it up for us. I thought finally now is my chance to ride this amazing trail the right way with out having to lug tools, carry my bike over dead trees, and find my way thru a maze of locust trees. I was wrong. The CDO hates me. The ride started out spectacular ride thru some of the burned upper parts of Lemmon offers some of the best views in Tucson. The first few miles of this trail I just can't get enough of and if it wasn't so steep I would just ride out n backs on it when I want shorter rides. Everyone should be able to enjoy this part of the trail only problem is to get to you have to commit to a pretty serious day. Guess thats just one of the perks.

A little love note left by our rabbit out in front. you can't not smile when you are about to do this trail.

Just can't seem to take enough pics in this first section. I love it.

Its still there. When is this landmark gonna fall. All the others have.

After the first few miles of shared Sammie/CDO trail they split and you make a quick drop down into the CDO drainage. Right away we can see the FS had done some great work benching in the old trail. Just a year ago there really wasn't much there to make your way on. After you make the quick dip into the drainage your greated to miles of wooded trail slightly overgrown but followable the entire way. I think Duncan and I only had to pause once to see where the trail went and even then it only took about 2 seconds to find.

It was not stop riding in the beautiful backwoods of Lemmon.

I remember riding thru this section never wanting to end. The leaves crushing beneath the tires, the trees overhead, and the flowers everywhere. I don't think the word AWESOME was used enough on this ride and it was by far the most used word. 
And then CDO told me again how much she hates me. She tore my heart right off my bike and smashed it on the cool forest floor.
But we had one of the finest trained airplane mechanics and a roll of duct tape so I was not gonna let her win this one.
The bike was beaten and running like warm garbage but I had plenty or sweet sweet trail to ride and so I was not gonnna give up. That and we were in the middle on nowhere so it was not like I could call Kimmeh to come get me. On we pressed me lagging behind a little and having to stop and adjust my new rear derailleur a few times but still making pretty damn good time. I knew there was gonna be a pretty long climb that I was gonna have to hike but I did not care this trail is to good to care about the pain ahead.

There were flowers and creek crossing everywhere. There is not another trail in Tucson that has this much to offer.

Rode thru so many feilds of flowers Duncan had them stuffed into his shoes.
They seemed endless and the only souls we seen were butterflies and lizards. They didn't mind sharing this gem one bit with us.
The amount of wild flowers was just scary good!

After all that great riding we were finally done with the CDO trail but it had one more little departed gift for us. Right before the big climb back out we got to have a nice cool down in the running water of the CDO. It was very refreshing to dip your jersey in the water and slap it on while it was still wet and cold as you make your way to "the climb". I knew this was gonna suck extra bad for me since my bike was in no condition to be peddled under any strain and the SS gearing we had got it into was not anywhere near conducive for climbing.  Push Push Push was my objective for the next 45 minutes. Best thing though is I had no ipod but memories of that trail to get me mentally up the hill.

Even the views on the jeep road are great.
After 45 minutes of pushing I had finally made it up to the guys who were still not ready to kill me for slowing them down so much and we were off. I knew it was almost all downhill back to the cars with very little climbing to have to walk and I knew there were cold beers and a chair waiting for me. I put the camera away and just hammered as hard as my broken pony would to reach our destination.

No matter what that trail does to me or how much it shows me it hates me I still think it is the best trail in Tucson and I can't wait to get back there as soon as I can.

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Friday, September 21, 2012

Tons of Pics. Little words.

Finally got to ride Flagstaff this year woohoo!. Its been way to long so when the shuttle monkeys offered up a ride to Flag I jumped on it. Also had some great rides with the wife and with myself so can't complain.  Onto the tons of pics.

First up out enjoying the day with old nag. Getting her ready for her first solo race in a few weeks.

She's got her climbing face on. Also the same face she uses for poo'ing. 

Some nice little descending thru the alien trees. 

Kimmeh was actually madder then this guy was that I touched him.

This monsoon season has been great for the wild flowers. 

Hoping the shuttle to Flag. Don't think they Jet9 fit in to well with these beasts.

I think the devil was involved with getting me to Flag. 

The horsemen. 

The many views of the Hump. 

Toll collector. 

Enter here to meet with the Jedi young Padawan. 

With the Hump again. 

No one died Happy Ending. 

A few garden shots to top things off.

Northern Cardinal snacking.

This guy was not very good at cooperating.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Winter is almost here.

Its time to start heading out and getting even more miles on the bike. This week has been pretty good. I have gotten two nice long rides in from town to TMP and have a few good rides planned for this weekend. I can't get enough of this cool down that is starting. Geez haven't even had the a/c on in a week now. That's money in the bank that I can spend on bike stuff. Not a ton of pictures this week have been in some kinda picture funk these last couple weeks. Missed getting my camera out in time for the biggest Bobcat I have even seen and had to settle for a rambunctious Desert Tortoise instead.  Again though just a great week to be out on the bike or just out side period. Now onto the pictures.

Staged photo but he didn't seem to care much. 

Tons of great wild flowers out. Some I don't recall seeing before. Still haven't even looked this one up. 

Taking Joe on a Death March

This guys are very dangerous. Approach from behind. 

I took like 20 pics of this grass and could not capture how cool it looked as the sun set. 

Tons of this this week. Commuting has been great. 

These guys just murdered themselves some prickly pear fruit. 

Remember to always listen to RAP it makes you a better person. 


Friday, September 7, 2012

Damn my pictures suck this week.

Plus I forgot to upload my bird pics so I'm gonna have to recycle an old one for the weeks token bird shot. I had a few good rides this week but the two mountain bikes rides I decided to get my Strava ( ) on and couldn't even be bother to take any pics. Did I.D. a snake at night while I was going about 15mph though. It was a Long-nosed Snake out at Starr Pass. Thought it would be nice to see how the training has been paying off on the bike speed wise and then after two "fast" rides realized going fast ain't really my style. Was happy with my times but its not like the rides were all that enjoyable. I'll leave the fast riding up to others. I'll stick to riding all day at my pace and stopping to take pictures of stuff. Did have a commuting buddy for a few days this week which was fun and it also opened my eyes to the fact that cars don't even care if you are pulling a bay trailer around, they just ain't goona give you your 3ft let alone 3 inches sometimes. Best ride of the week had to have been Golden Gate. I love that trail. Hardly anyone rides it or realizes what a gem there is just beyond the Yetman trail. It was extra fun this week since the rains having everything growing wild and a few of the features on that trail are a little hidden. Keeps you on your toes. Now onto the few craptastic pics from this week.

First up is Ricky Bobby lovin life in the trailer.

Next up are a few from Starr Pass after the ride. Canon S100 isn't the greatest at long exsposure. 

Favorite spot at the Sweetwater Trail. Great place to watch the 4th of July shows as well. 

Bike Church

Token bird shot.

And since the pics suck this week here is some Rap that doesn't