Thursday, May 23, 2013

Busy Fun Week

Man what a great week so far. We have managed to hold of triple digit weather which is awesome. It makes the riding slightly more better. Still has been forcing me up on Lemmon to stay cool. Still getting big rides down here in the desert but am enjoying the mountain a lot. Was even able to convince my buddy Tara to join me on a Lemmon Meringue ride. Its way more climbing then she is use to but she made it. I have now successfully taken another victim on that loop without a causality. Might be able to turn her into a XC geek after all. I mean who doesn't love climbing 4000ft in 17.5 miles on there bike at high elevations. Plus this week I thru in another scorching mid day 40miler from work to Starr Pass. Had purchased a peanut butter cookie as a special treat for making myself ride in the heat. Thought I was gonna be able to watch a spectacular sunset as I ate it form the trail but was running a little to fast. Didn't feel like waiting an hour on the trail for the sun to go down. Kinda wished I had though it turned out to be one of the best this year. Stil got to see it from my bike saddle to that always will do. 

Also had a nice Gaillardia photo shoot in the yard. I have a million of these things popping up right now and they are to colorful to ignore.

Then yesterday had one of my first birding adventures in a long while. There were some reports of a rare bird up here in AZ on vacation so Greg, Matt, and myself went to have a stare. We never found it but did see lots of cool birds. Its never a bad day birding when you can see some of the largest hummingbirds around. Its just awesome to listen to them fly. We also made a stop over in Wilcox, AZ for some water birds. They are fun to watch and they are a lot more fun to bird then others since they are usually out in the open. After a long day out I finally got home to take a nap. The 3am start time that morning was a little rough. Then I get the call from Greg after my nap that we can hit 100 species of birds on the day if we head back out. So I put on some underwear, grab my binoculars, and we are off. Finally tally for me on the day was 91. Didn't make it to 100 which Greg did but I was close. There is always next time. Plus a got a few good pictures so thats always good.

First up a few riding shots. 

Flower yard photo shoot plus some other random yard shots.

And from the birding adventure

Friday, May 10, 2013

Been awhile.

Need to share some pics with everyone. Pretty good week of riding. Even joined the shuttle monkeys for a night of "DH" riding. It was pretty fun and they are a blast to hang out with. Got in a couple good long solo rides as well and I am almost at 2000 miles on the bike this year. Should have hit that number by now but I guess it will give a goal to shot for next year. Also the garden at the house is blooming like crazy still so its a bast taking pictures out there.

Shuttle pics


Bunch of garden shots