Friday, November 30, 2012


Some have been calling me a CD-hO for a few weeks now but i dont really care. I am in love with that trail and am gonna ride it every chance I get or until it snows. I have been having so much love for the trail that it has been spilling over and I have been getting a lot or request for guided tours, so I decided to take a few up on it. Lets just say they were not swooning for it like I was by the end of the 7hr day. The look on somes face when I asked them to join me for another "torture" session this weekend was priceless. At least now they have ridden it and seen what its about and can decide from there if they ever want to go back. I am sure some will return and some won't but at least they all did it and survived. What else can you ask for? Had a few other rides sprinkled in the past week and a great little hike with the Wife and Kid. Time for the pictures.

Getting the Wolf to pose.

Enjoying the views.

 Great day to be out.

One of the best views in Tucson. 

Before putting Willy thru what I am sure he thought was the movie SAW

Wife is still smiling after the CDO run. Guess it wasn't THAT bad. 

Hitting up the Duncan trail. Can almost smell the ice cold chocolate milks waiting in the cooler.

Been riding so long the moon was starting to catch up with us. 

Favorite shot. 

Onto some Starr Pass action with Kimmeh!

The always treacherous jeep road.  Well at least it is when your wife takes you on a death ride in the heat.

Heading out to get ostentatious on some fools.  

So in love with myself I always need a shot of me. 

 Stupid Sun keeping us warm and providing beauty in the sky. Lame!

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