Friday, February 21, 2014

2014 24HOP

Well was gonna finally gonna take a stab at the 24hop solo this year in preparation for the AZT300, unfortunately that didn't happen. Back decided it needed a month plus some off  so had to pull the plug on the 24hop this year. No biggie gave me more time and less sleep to spend the weekend taking pictures if the event and drinking enough whiskey to hide the pain of seeing two different wieners on day one.

Here are a few of my favorites from the weekend.

A couple sunset shots from the scouting trip the Thursday before the race.

First round was from the Beer Crit.Probably the funnest time of the entire weekend.

Next a few from the morning of the official race. Was a little rough getting up but had a breakfast burrito calling my name and I knew the wife was going to be demanding one as well and done want her getting Hangry.

Stayed up late to hike out and get some night shots as well. Didn't leave much time for sleep so I could trudge back out for the sunrise.


 And a few from the last day.

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